Excellent reviews and many return customers
Chris Bee is a master at matching people with homes or apartments that fit perfectly into their "must-haves", their "wants", and their budget.

Since 2000, Chris has been helping to successfully navigate residential and commercial real estate transactions for hundreds of clients.   

As a licensed real estate broker and real estate agent, Chris made the decision to join EXP Realty because they were the only real estate agency with the power and scope of a publicly traded company, but since EXP Realty is agent-owned, the company is able to maintain a focus on real estate clients rather than shareholders.  

You see, as a real estate agent, Chris' primary focus is on providing world-class service to his client, first.  Chris knows that happy clients equals more clients.  Some public companies are controlled by shareholders with no involvement in the industry of the company, so the focus is on profits first.  Since the majority of shareholders of EXP are real estate agents and real estate brokers, the company will automatically serve the shareholders by serving the clients.  Lots of companies "claim" that "customers come first", but the reality is that they only view customer service as a way keep customers so shareholders are happy.  The difference is that by providing excellent service to real estate clients, EXP is directly providing excellent service to their shareholders.  The interests of the customers and the company are perfectly aligned.

Since 2000, Chris has always looked for ways to provide the ultimate customer experience for his real estate clients.  This commitment is what has made Chris Bee the only choice for real estate agent in Austin for so many.  Now, he can provide the personal attention and dedication his clients expect, while giving them access to the tools and expertise of a national, publicly-traded brokerage.
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