Moving To Austin? Need A Job? Check Out These Top Employers!

Austin Capitol

It can be overwhelming at times to feel a sense of security and comfort in a large city. In a city like Austin, accompanied by the steady economy in the U.S. overall, there are choices and options when it comes to the job search. From start-ups to sports management, there’s a job out there waiting for you in Austin! Take a look:

Fast Facts

Austin’s unemployment rate in 2015 was just around 3%, beating out the U.S. avg. at roughly 5%.

The growing job market in Austin typically caters to young professionals and families, but there are a wide variety of jobs around for all ages and aspirations.

Did you know? Austin is the fastest growing metropolis in the United States. 

Austin's Larget Employers

Austin's Government Jobs

City Government

If you want to work for the City of Austin, you could very well end up somewhere within the wide array of jobs listed using this link. For example, if you type in the word, “clerk” you’ll see some options like; elections clerk, accounting clerk, assistant city clerk, etc. There will be a description link that will then direct you to more details of the selected job. The city’s website also provides a convenient pay scale calculator that shows you what your estimated hourly of pay is for entry, mid, and max level positions.

If you need additional information regarding different jobs offered in Austin, you can find them here.

Austin's Retail Jobs


Austin is compiled of many diverse and unique neighborhoods that typically contain local shops that Austinites favor to. Hyde Park, South Congress, and Central Austin all have a plethora of these mom and pop type of stores that are a joy to work at, especially if you’re new to the area! Located about ten minutes west of Downtown Austin; however, you’ll find the Barton Creek Square Mall; and about ten minutes north of Downtown Austin you’ll find The Arboretum. There, you’ll run into your usual mall-like department stores selling big name apparel and goods.

Austin's Health Jobs


Voted among some of the best hospitals in the region, below are two of the standout healthcare facilities serving greater Austin area:

Seton Healthcare Network

St. David Healthcare Network

Austin's Food Jobs


Austin is home to many creative bites and eateries. Those who are applying for fine dining and other culinary positions may find themselves concentrated (however not limited to) within the downtown area. The food business as a whole makes up for the 3rd most jobs in Austin (roughly 25,000 total jobs in the metro area), which include fast food and private catering services. If you wish to start a restaurant or food establishment of your own, check out this link.  

Austin's Startup & Tech Ecosystem


Austin contains a bevy of young, college educated-hopefuls, and the start-up climate (the tech industry in particular) is far from vapid. There are currently over 900 companies launched, 175 of which are funded, presumably with many more companies to launch and granted funding in the near future. App-design, Internet/website analytics, online surveying, and many other tech-centered companies dominate the start-up and business field in Austin. In 2012, The Wall Street Journal declared that the Austin Metro Area was the #1 place to grow a business, and as of 2016 the prosperity continues on as the city grows in population size concurrently. Facebook groups and various websites make it easier to navigate through the hodgepodge of launched start-up companies in Austin, as you’ll see listed below. Tech it out:

Facebook Digital Jobs


Tech Happy Hour