7 Things Every Homebuyer MUST Know!

Things Every Homebuyer MUST Know!

What should you consider when buying a house in Austin?

There are many routes people can take when it comes to deciding where they want to live. There’s no one right answer necessarily, other than you must do whatever works best for you. Since every scenario and situation is different, we’ve compiled a list questions that you can ask yourself to make sure you’re making the right decision!

What are my goals? How long do I plan on living here? Can I legitimately find myself living here for a year? 5 years?  Maybe 10? Is this a place we can settle in until we save up enough money for a bigger place? Will this be a good place to raise my family? Since this is kind of a fixer-upper, will I be willing to be patient and give it a chance?

Overwhelmed? No need! We broke down most of those questions to help better guide your answers.

What are my goals?

It may sound simple, but take a moment and figure out what you want first and foremost. Bigger house? Downsizing? Suburban feel? More nightlife? If you’re unsure, contact Chris Bee Realtor! That’s what he’s here for. Let him know your situation and he’ll help you sort out your ideas within no time. 

Can I afford this?

The average price of a single-family home in Austin (Including Greater Austin and Travis County) was estimated to be around $335,000. Does this fit your budget?

How long should I plan on living here?

Giving yourself the long-term goal of ten years isn’t too bad if you need somewhere to start. You may think to yourself, “Wow, 10 years is a long time,” but you may be surprised! The average buyer of a house lives in said house approximately 13 years, and for first-time buyers the average is slightly lower at about 11 years. 

Purchasing Price

Rates and availability will vary depending on your bank, personal credit score, and total price of the house. The average price of purchasing single-family homes is estimated to be at $314,300 - where as the median price is at about $235,000.

Other Prices to Consider

- Loans

- Moving Cost

- New Furniture

- Fixing Up/Additions

Is this place ideal for my kids and raising a family?

Austin and its metro area are home to some of the best public and private school districts in Texas. Although majority of families with young children reside in much less dense areas outside of Austin’s urban core, there is still a strong presence of family neighborhoods about. Some popular and prominent family neighborhoods include: Crestview, Olympic Heights, Milwood, and Windsor Park.

Not looking to buy a single-family home? Apartments and medium-density living quarters located in Austin’s downtown and university areas are still quite friendly and welcoming areas for young couples with children. It would be bustling and a bit noisier, but these areas have no shortage of creative outlets and diverse opportunities for your children to explore.

Final Thoughts

1. Get acquainted with your neighbors

2. Know the alternative routes home, as you may find yourself stuck in rush hour traffic from a bad accident and you need to get junior to his music lesson by 6:00. But wait! There’s unexpected construction work that runs right through your back-up route.

3. Explore not only the neighborhood you live in, but the surrounding areas as well. You may never know what you might find! A scenic route throughout Austin may prove to be more useful than just another extemporaneous adventure.