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To lease a home in Austin is different than renting an apartment. Let me help.
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Not into the apartment life?

Do you NEED  a yard and no "vertical neighbors" but not ready to buy a home?

There are lots of homes for rent in the Austin area.  Most of those houses will allow you to use a realtor to negotiate the lease.  In these cases, it's a good idea to get an experienced real estate agent like Chris Bee to ensure all your bases are covered. 

To lease a home, you will probably be looking at a "standard" contract that may have been adjusted to the owners benefit.  It may be ok, but why not have a knowledgeable real estate agent on your side?
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Best Houses for Rent in Austin, TX

Let me find the best houses to rent in Austin for your needs.
If you are looking to rent a house in Austin, Texas, we have the know-how and the experience to help you with it. We can scan through our huge database and select properties based on your preferences. Whether you want a large family house for you, your wife and your children or simply a one-bedroom apartment best suited for bachelors, we will always have what you need in stock. 

Tell us about the location you are targeting, in downtown Austin or in the suburbs, and we will do the rest. Lease a house for a few months if you are deployed temporarily for work in Austin or rent a house if you need a long term place to stay.

Renting a place for a few months will buy you time and you will be able to avoid long hotel stays or staying with friends for an extended period of time. Having your own home, even if it’s not forever, will make you feel more comfortable: For many people, there is nothing better than a home to come to and a backyard to unwind in. 

Homes for Rent in Austin 
and Travis County

Get the best deal on Austin house rentals
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Let us know about the specific features you are looking for in your future rental such as the number of bedrooms, swimming pool etc…and we will consult with our contacts to find what might fit you better. Austin is full of beautiful houses sitting empty and you should be able to spot the perfect occasion within a few days or week only. 

Even though most people are in the market to buy a house, leasing a house shouldn't be overlooked and might constitute a decent solution if your goal in life is not to buy a house and repay your mortgage for many years to come. It gives you more flexibility and freedom in your life
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